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Its All About Me

Photoshoot Rentals

It's All About Me Selfie Studio offers photographers to take photos in our 20+ stations for a private session!


30 Minutes:  $60

60 Minutes:  $120

90 minutes:  $180

120 Minutes: $240

How To Book:

1. Choose your date and time

2. Click on how long your session will be 

3. If you have any recommendations you can add them in the notes section

4. Check out

5. See you soon! 




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Rules and Regulations


During your visit at It’s All About Me Selfie Studio in order for everyone to enjoy the photo stations please be advised that failure to adhere to the following rules will result in you and your party being required to leave the premises. 

If you are asked to leave, unfortunately there will be no refunds. 

  • No smoking.
  • No cursing or using profanity.
  • No food or drinks are allowed past the reception area.
  • No running, climbing, or standing on props within the photo stations.
  • Children under the age of 12 MUST be directly supervised by an adult with a studio tour ticket AT ALL TIMES throughout IAAM.
  • All props within the photo stations must be handled with care. If a prop is damaged you will be financially responsible for repairs/replacement.